A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

ThemePark is an Design and management simulation.

You can build and manage your own ThemePark.
The Visitors are the Heart of your Park and can get it to top of all Theme Parks, but they also can break you financially and mentally.

The Visitors can get Angry and leave the Park and write a negative review or write positive Reviews and make the Park popular.
The Buildings, Roller Coasters etc. can get Dirty and you have to clean them if you dont want to get negative reviews.
Also you need to build enough Facilitys that the Visitors are not getting stuck in Lines waiting.
There is also an Twitch Integration if you want you loyal Viewers visit your excellent Park.
Secret Hint: Don't increase the Ticket Price (Page Up, Page Down) too high, if your Park Reputation is too low.
Real Pro's are taking care of the Visitor Probability at the Left.

Are you ready to get into making your own ThemePark and maintain it?

This Game is in Development, new Buildings, Roller Coasters etc. will be added.

We would be very pleased about suggestions for improvement and the reporting of errors.

To follow the Development of Theme Park you can visit our Trello Site (mostly German):

Install instructions

Just extract, open up the folder and start ThemePark.exe


Theme Park Build6B - Linux.rar 24 MB
Theme Park Build6B - Mac.rar 22 MB
Theme Park Build6B - Windows.rar 18 MB

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